Day 1 – Travel to Beijing

Today started off with a nice 5am wake up call to head to the airport. My first flight was to Vancouver, which was only 4.5hrs. I watched all of Santa Clarita Diet-highly recommend. During my 2.5hr layover in Vancouver I finally got to use my free lounge pass and I ended up getting a free breakfast! The next flight to Beijing was 10hrs….. definitely didn’t go by quickly but it wasn’t a bad flight overall. 

Once I arrived in Beijing I spent a stupid amount of time trying to figure out how to get the free shuttle to terminal 2 where my brother was. Eventually I did figure it out and we met up, ready to start exploring! 

After we got settled in at the hostel, we headed to Jinshan Park, which had some cool buildings (honestly not sure what they were for) and a cool view of the summer palace from up high! 

For dinner, we went to this cool place where you cooked all your food at your own table.

Now I haven’t slept for 28hrs and I’m tired. I’m out.

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