Day 2- So Many Temples (Beijing)

I got a solid 11hrs of sleep last night, so jet lag is gone! We left our hostel around 9 and headed to a park that held the Temple of Heaven and a few other random monuments/temples/who knows. 

After the park adventure, we made our way to Tinanmen Square. We all know it for the famous tank picture, but it’s really just a giant square that just took a long time to figure out how to get into. We paid $4 to climb up one of the gates in the square… it was super uneventful. 

Once we found our way out of the square, we ended up in the Forbidden City. The city has SO MANY TEMPLES. All of them had a big throne in them for the emperor to sit on. The whole city was built by 1420! Trying to remember how old everything is really makes it that much more impressive.

For lunch we decided to try the famous Peking Duck. We were able to get a server that spoke decent English and she explained to us what to order and then how to eat it once we got everything. It was reallyyyyyy good!

After lunch, we took a quick walk over to the drum and bell towers. Each one had super steep staircases you had to climb in order to get to the top… It was a workout. We made it to the drum tower just in time to see a drum demonstration, so that was lucky! Each tower had a lot of random information on how people use to tell time, which was never something I thought about before, but it was cool to see all the different tools they used to use.

Jack really wanted to go to this place called Central Perk, designed exactly after Friends. So we went allllllll the way there and it didn’t exist. Great work Jack 

For the rest of the night, we hit up this brewery Jack wanted to try. Then we went to the night market. Jack really wanted to try scorpions so he bought 3 fried scorpions on a stick. After eating two and saying they weren’t all that bad, he convinced me to try one. The worst part really was just looking at the thing. Eating it mostly just tasted like fried butter.

Well that was a long day of walking and never sitting down. Tomorrow is the Greatest of all the walls so hopefully my feet are ready for it!

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