Day 3- The Great Wall

We booked a tour to take us to the Samatai portion of the Great Wall of China. The tour group picked us up around 7am and we began the long bus ride to the Great Wall. During our ride, the tour guide tried to give us a history lesson, however, he was very hard to understand with his accent so I only took in half of it. They also gave us some random bread to snack on during our ride!

Once we were at the Great Wall, we were told to be back at the starting point in 3hrs and got to go explore on our own. The section we were climbing had 10 towers you could climb up to. In between each tower was a steep uphill climb. This part of the wall was built going up a mountain… you have to wonder why that was even necessary. But the views were awesome and the expansiveness of the Great Wall is amazing! Here are a few pictures from our hike.

After exploring the Wall, we were treated to a delicious Chinese lunch. 

By the time we made it back to Beijing, it was 6pm. Jack decided to give going to the Central Perk cafe another chance. This time he did more research and we ended up at what apparently looks like the cafe from Friends! Early morning flight to Hong Kong tomorrow so getting to bed early.

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