Goodbye Asia!

Went to bed too late last night so only got around 6hrs of sleep, which is unfortunate because our flight to Australia is an overnight flight…. and I can barely sleep on flights. Should be fun!

Anyways, went back up to the infinity pool before we got kicked out of our fancy hotel. It was actually sunny so we wanted to get some pictures in the sun. This random man took this picture for us and it turned out awesome!

After the pool, we sadly had to check out of the fancy hotel. Since our flight wasn’t until midnight we had all day to explore Singapore. We decided to walk over to this tower that was supposed to be just a bunch of electronics. Figured Sam could by himself a camera to take pictures with. Turns out it was just like random electronic wirings and plugs. Definitely not worth the long walk there. We sat down outside the tower for a little while (Sam took a nap like always). This random old man was selling ice cream and so many people were buying it from him. I was so confused cause it literally just looked like a chunk of ice cream wrapped around bread…. so I decided I had to try it! And it was literally ice cream wrapped around bread lol actually didn’t taste that bad though. And the bread was rainbow so not sure what kind of bread it was. Mostly it just tasted like an ice cream sandwich.

After Sam’s nap, we headed back to the hotel to go to the mall right in front of it since we had some Singapore money to spare. However, it was a super fancy mall (like Prada and Chanel and everything I will never buy) so we didn’t end up buying anything.

Eventually we decided to just go to the airport (Singapore is known for having a nice airport). Plus I can get into airport lounges for free and they always have food so we figured we could just get dinner there. I was able to FaceTime my Dad and Clare for a little bit. 

Had a great time in Asia these past few weeks, but excited to spend 2 weeks in Australia! Next up Melbourne! 

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