Canyoning the Behana Gorge

Today’s adventure was a canyoning trip at the Behana Gorge! Canyoning is a mix of jumping off cliffs, abseiling, sliding, etc. We were picked up just after 8 and had about a 45minute drive to the Gorge.

Our two instructors were awesome! The one guy had literally more energy every second than I’ve ever had in my entire life. He was doing backflips off 10meter jumps and just being overall a crazy adrelinin junky! 

The tour started off with a bunch of cliff jumps. One of my biggest fears in life is falling, so whenever I have to jump from tall heights I always make someone count to 3 for me and I make myself jump on three lol otherwise I find myself second guessing everything. All the jumps were pretty fun. Mostly the scary part was that you had to jump out a bit so you didn’t land on rocks. It wasn’t super far out but that definitely freaked me out a bit more than normal!

We ended up doing two abseils during the trip (wish we had been able to do a couple more) which were both pretty fun. Nothing like hanging sideways off the side of a cliff!

We also did a bunch of “slides”. Basically wherever the waterfall wasn’t too crazy or there was a slick surface we would slide down. It’s crazy how someone came up with this whole route in the first place! One of the guides told me the owner comes out every so often to check the water levels and make sure everything is safe to do.

At the end of our tour we had lunch by one of the pools in the gorge. It was just sandwiches, but we got to swim around and jump off some more rocks as well.

I didn’t bring my phone during the trip cause I didn’t want it to break, but I took a couple photos at the lunch spot 

We got back to our hostel a little after 2pm and decided to go chill at the lagoon (the outdoor public pool) for a bit. The water was way to warm from baking in the sun all day so we didn’t end up staying super long.

We ended up going to dinner at the same place as yesterday because they had such a good deal. I had some chicken parma.

Leaving for Whitsunday tomorrow morning and then have a two night sailing cruise. I have no idea if there will be wifi on the boat so I may be off the grid a few nights!

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