Colorful Cartagena

Made it to Colombia! When I went to check into our flight I noticed you could pick the emergency exit rows for no extra cost so we got a ton more leg room 😁 and was able to actually have enough space to sleep on the tray table. When we booked our flights I definitely did not notice our layover in Panama was only 30minutes so I was a littleeeeee worried about making that connection, but we got on our plane just as they were concluding boarding. 

It was only about a 10minute ride from the airport to our hostel so we dropped off our bags and began to wander around Cartagena!

We’re staying in the historic center of Cartagena, which is completely surrounded by this wall that was built in the 1600s. All the streets within the wall are pretty narrow and all the buildings are colorful with tons of balconies (very similar style to New Orleans)

We didn’t have any concrete plans for the day, so we just got a map from our hostel and started wandering around. It is extremely humid here so got to sweat quite a bit 😅

You could walk ontop of the wall surrounding the city.

While walking around we found a gelato place that made the ice cream in front of you with liquid nitrogen. It was delicious, especially cause it was so freaking hot out.

We continued wandering around and found a couple cute plazas

Jess in a random gazebo in a park

We tried to go to this famous ceviche place for lunch, but by the time we got there (10min before it even opened) there was already an hour wait! We ended up getting some food around the corner and thankfully got to sit in some air conditioning! We all were super tired after eating (none of us got more than a few hours of sleep on the overnight flight) so we decided to go nap for a little bit at our hostel so we could go out tonight without being tired.

Our hostel room is super cute. Has a lot of random furniture that’s definitely not needed, but we also got a balcony so that’s kinda fun!

We ended up getting dinner in Getsemani, which is the hipster part of town. We had some delicious tapas.

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  1. Sartenada says:

    How nice that You visited Colombia! Of course, You know that Cumbia music has its roots in Colombia. Cumbia is happy tropical music! Example:
    Example of Cumbia music
    Happy and safe travels!


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