Accomodation-Ostello S. Fosca – CPU Venice Hostels (awesome place!!!)

Our flight to Venice took off at 6:20am so it’s fair to say we definitely did not get much sleep! When we finally got to the city it was around 10am. We dropped off our bags and got some lunch before exploring!

Pizza for lunch!

I pre-bought tickets to the main palace in Venice so we headed over to St. Mark’s square. Such a beautiful place! There is the basilica and a clock tower and the palace! 

The Basicila 

Random clock in the square

We explored Doge’s Palace. So beautiful! So many of the rooms had CRAZY ceilings. All gold and paintings everywhere! Basically every room was a chamber for some new branch of power they created over the years. 

They also had a whole prison section we walked through! 

Alexis had a great time. 10/10 would live in this cell

Spooky hallway

Walked across the “Bridge of Sighs” so I told Alexis we should take a pic while sighing and this is what we got

After the palace we went into the basilica to check it out. Pretty amazing

After the square, we headed over to Rialto Bridge (first bridge in Venice or something!) It’s pretty huge. 

Since you don’t go to Venice every day we decided to buy a gondala ride! Our guide actually sung to us a bit and gave us some history! It was a fun ride!

We stopped for Bellini before sunset/dinner (no one eats dinner before 8! We went back over to the square for sunset…. we didn’t actually see the sunset, but at least we took a cute selfie!

Venice was fun! (Although definitely touristy!

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