3 Days in Verona

Day 1

Arrived in Verona around 10 and had some breakfast at a random cafe before checking into our B&B. We spent our day exploring basically all of the random sites in Verona except the churches!

Part of a wall that they built buildings around

The Verona Arena! I believe it is the 4th largest arena in Italy…. or something like that. Obviously much smaller than the Colosseum, but still cool!

They built an actual stage and seating area within the arena and use it for shows today! So it has a bit more of a modern feel to it. I’m sure it would be really cool to see a show though (if it wasn’t raining!)

A random plaza!

We climbed up a tower in the middle of town for some cool views! Had to walk up like 300+ stairs though

Next up- Juilettes house from Romeo and Juilette. Basically a bunch of tourist taking pics of the balcony. You can still write letters to Juilette (like in the movie) but you can no longer stick the letters into the wall cause I guess it was falling apart and graffiti was everywhere. There was a mailbox inside the museum to send the letters though!

On the balcony!

We walked along the river on our way to the next stop and had some great views!

We climbed up a big hill to get to the Castel San Pietro. Couldn’t go inside or anything, but got some more great views of the city!

After the Castle, we walked over to the Roman Theater that was right next door.

I didn’t take a ton of photos here but it basically was a lot of ruins and then some more good views of the city!

For dinner we went to this pizzeria our B&B recommended. Was super delicious! 

It’s like a thing in Italy to get a shot of Limoncello for free at the end of dinner. One of our servers really liked us though so brought us even more after giving us the free one lol

Day 2 

We decided to take a bus to Sirimone, Lake Garda, which is about an hour bus ride from Verona. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great, but we still got to see some cool views and explore the few random old things in town.

First, we went to Scaligero Castle. I would say it was less of a Castle and more just a fortress to protect the city. Didn’t look like there were any sleeping areas for anyone!

The water surrounding the Castle was very pretty! 

It probably only took about 30minutes to walkthrough the whole castle, but it was cool! 

After the Castle we walked to the grotto, which was at the end of the peninsula of Sirimone. It was basically a giant villa back in the day. Had some awesome views of the lake and mountains! 

 #views (can imagine how pretty it would be if it was totally clear outside!) 

Day 3- churches!
Spent the morning watching Game of Thrones. SO DRAMATIC. Since we already explored most of Verona, we spent the day checking out the 4 main churches of Verona. Three of them actually gave us audio guides to explain the history and art within the church! They were all amazing and beautiful. Crazy to think about how old some of it is!


My mom always says you can make a wish when you go to a new church. Needless to say I’ve made a plethora of wishes!

We also went over to Castelvecchio. The tour was mostly looking at art…. which was cool but also there was like A LOT. We also got to walk along the castle walls so that was fun!

Overall, really enjoyed Verona! Very beautiful, little city!

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