Cinque Terre

The train from Milan to Cinque Terre was a bit longer.. 3 whole hours! I booked this little studio apartment in Riomaggoire. The owner sent me a few videos explaining how to get to it once in the village, which was actually incredibly helpful! 

Our little place was super cute! And it’s right next to some amazing views! We were easily able to get some snacks/wine and watch the sunset for the night.

Sunset view from our little (public) balcony

Obviously had some gelato too

Day 1

The forecast said it would be sunny so we decided to explore Vernazza in the morning then head to Monterossa in the afternoon to hang out at the beach!


All the villages are incredibly small so they don’t take very long to explore if you just walk to the harbor and back. The harbors are very beautiful though! All the water is so clear.


We climbed up the tower of Doria Castle. The tower itself wasn’t all that exciting, but the views of the town were great!

Before leaving Vernazza, we decided to hike part of the trail from Vernazza to Monterossa in order to get one of the iconic pictures from all the postcards. The climb wasn’t too bad and you got a great view of the entire town!


After our mini hike, we hopped on the train to Monterossa (each village is like 3-5min apart via train). The train let us out right at the beach so we found a comfy spot (a lot of the beach was rocks so had to find a more sandy area). We spent about 3hrs at the beach! Definitely got a bit burnt from not being in the sun since November!


We ended up not eating lunch until 3:30pm so we decided for dinner we would just some cheese and crackers and watch the sunset again! We met this girl from Canada the day before so she met us by our place for sunset.

To end the night, we had some gelato (obviously) 

Day 2

Our Canadian friend was staying at a hostel and showed us the map her hostel had given her with some of the hikes you could do (a lot of the coastal hikes between villages were closed so you had to take the alternative routes). We took a train to Cornigila, which is the one village that you have to climb like 300 stairs to get to from the train. Felt marginally bad for the people carrying suitcases up the stairs lol. From Cornigila, we took a path to Manarola. It started off very steep and it was a bit humid so the sweat was definitely coming down! 

But it only took like 30minutes to get to the flatter path along the top of the hike. The entire hike took about 2hrs. We got to see some awesome views along the way!


Once we got to Manarola, we relaxed with some lunch and had a make your own cannoli for dessert! After lunch, we went down to Manarola’s harbor and people watched for a bit. There were some guys that went in the water and jumped off a tall rock!

We headed back to Riomaggiore to relax until dinner. It was a bit too cloudy to see the sunset, but we climb out onto the rocks in the harbor and got some cool pics of the town at dusk.

The next morning it was pretty rainy and we didn’t want to go far before our train so we just walked around Riomaggiore some more!

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