Breacon Beacon

One of our British friends has a car so we decided to do a weekend in Wales! We left after work Friday and drove 4hrs to our Airbnb. We got to see the sunset while driving and it was beautiful! 

Once we got to our Airbnb, the guy was waiting for us to let us in. This nice old British man who definitely likes to talk! But he did give us a suggestion for a hike the next day, which ended up being a great idea!


Llyn y Fan Fach Hike

The next morning we made some eggs, sausage, and toast for brekkie and then headed on the road to the hike! From our minimal research about the hike, it was supposed to take 4.5hrs. There is a legend with the Lake next to mountains. Apparently a man came to the lake and found a beautiful lake lady and asked her to marry him. She said she would stay with him until he hit her 3 times. I guess even just little taps counted as hits cause eventually she ditches him and goes back to the lake. But not before she had like 3 kids who ended up having some magical abilities also and then made lots of medicine for the villages so like that’s nice.

The hike was a bit cloudy, but overall really nice and fun! Had some great views but better banter!

Here’s Brooke on a rando bridge

Got a bit cloudy during the hike

It doesn’t look that high up, but I promise it took a few steps

Brooke loves me

Found someone to take a picture for us thankfully!


A bit of greenery

After the hike we decided we wanted some tea and scones. We went to this little village called Llandovery. I was able to get hot chocolate, which was great but we all got some scones!

Once we got back to our Airbnb, we saw our host in his backyard with his dogs so we walked over for some pets. Turns out they actually had SIX dogs. They were adorable. They also had a horse so we went on a walk with a couple of the doggos to go feed the horse.

We made some spaghetti for dinner and hung out in our Airbnb for the night! Brooke had never seen Love, Rosie so naturally we watched it. And obviously she loved it.


We checked out of our Airbnb around 10 and drove over to Caerphilly Castle. Of course it ended up being a beautiful day when we weren’t hiking so we had a quick stop on the way for the views.

It took just over an hour to get to the castle. It was actually surrounded by a moat! (Usually the moats don’t have water in them anymore at the old castles)

We walked around the castle for about 30minutes. 

Brooke having a great time while Alyssa looks like she’s the one locked up 😂

There was this random dragon pit and we pressed a button for English and suddenly this intense surround sound started telling a story and the dragons even had smoke come out of their noses at one point!

We climbed up one tower within the castle

There was also a maze… which didn’t take too long to complete but it was pretty fun

Here’s a selfie with my weird friends

After Caerphilly, we drove to Cardiff (the capital of Wales). We just ate lunch and went shopping. But I took a photo of the Cardiff castle that was in the middle of the city.

We ended the trip with a nice long road trip home!

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