We arrived in Munich around 10pm, drove about an hour then crashed for the night.

Our plan for the day was to drive to Fussen and hike around Neuschwanstein Castle (famous for being the inspiration for the Disney castle). Before driving too far, we stopped in a random town to have breakfast at a little cafe- nothing fancy, but it was a cute little town so we walked around shortly to get in the German vibes.

After breakfast it took about an hour to drive to Fussen/Neuschwanstein Castle. The Castle is on top of a hill. You can pay to go in and get a ride up to the top, but others had told us it wasn’t worth the price to actually go inside the castle so we decided to walk up. It took about 30minutes to walk up so it wasn’t too bad. We stopped for some ice cream on the way up too šŸ˜

Castle wayyyy up on that hill
At the top we walked around the castle, then headed to this viewpoint bridge. Because of coronavirus they now regulate how many people can be on the bridge so it doesn’t get too crowded (30 people). But this bridge is like the spot to go so the line was PRETTY LONG. Nate knew of a mini hike after you walked across the bridge for some views so we ended up waiting in the line. TOOK AN HOUR. But the views were really good.

We walked all the way across the bridge and hiked up a bit to get even less crowded views! Could see the lake and the mountains from there as well, which were beautiful!

On the hike back down we stopped for a big pretzelšŸ¤¤

After hiking back down we walked over to the lake nearby and saw a paddleboat area so we went to check it out. You could rent a boat for 30minutes for 10euro so we decided to do that! Beautiful lake šŸ˜

We also decided to do the quick walk up to the other castle. It only took about 10minutes, but turned out you couldn’t walk around it and we didn’t have a ticket so just looked at the front lol

From Fussen we drove to Kempten, where we were sleeping for the night. We looked schnitzel food places and went to one for dinner! Delicious!

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