Linderhof Palace & Dachau Concentration Camp

We didn’t have too many plans for the day besides make our way towards the Munich airport. We figured out Linderhof Palace was only about 15 minutes away from our hotel so we figured we would stop there on our way back.

Linderhof was built by King Ludwig II and apparently inspired by Versailles (according to Wikipedia). We decided to just walk around the gardens instead of paying to go inside the palace (tbh it wasn’t very big). The gardens were nice and picturesque- a nice way to start the morning with a walk!

From the palace we decided to stop at Dachau Concentration Camp before the airport. Dachau is just north of Munich and the concentration camp was created originally way back in 1933 (evolving over the years to a full blown Concentration camp during the war). We got some audio guides and walked around the camp. This is the first Concentration camp I’ve been to and it was definitely a somber experience. It is good to remember the atrocities that happened and remember those who had died. We walked around the camp and saw the crematorium and death cambers. The audio guides provided the history and had some stories of the survivors and liberators you could listen to as you walked.

We spent about 2 hours at Dachau before we needed to drive over to the airport. Unfortunately, we had a layover in Frankfurt on the way back to London, but overall had an amazing trip!

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  1. aylaboswell says:

    Reminds me of the palace in Russia also inspired by Versailles!

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