Pendennis Castle & St. Michael’s Mont

The weather was not good or projected to get any better when we woke up. Strong winds, lots of rain – just the perfect outdoor weather! The area I had hoped to go (some ruins on an “island” you had to cross a bridge to get to) was closed due to the strong winds. So we decided to visit Pendennis Castle cause it seemed the least outdoorsy activity.

Before we left I saw a cute pup outside so I opened the door and it came over for some pets!

On a normal day with lots of other options available I wouldn’t really recommend going here. It had some cool history with it, but the area wasn’t really that big for the cost (although I was pretty happy it wasn’t that big cause being outside was not enjoyable).

The “castle” is really just an armory that had a 360 degree view to shoot cannons from. The free tour guide lady said Henry 8 retitled basically anything he could to a ‘castle’ so it seemed like he had a lot of castles 🤣 can’t say I wouldn’t do the same.

My umbrella flipped inside out too many times for me to count. Since it was right on the coast the wind was so extra.

They had a little cafe so I got a deluxe hot chocolate (for warmth not the marshmallows I swear)

Big guns

After we finished walking around Pendennis, we decided to drive to St. Michael’s Mont since it wasn’t too far and seemed like the best outdoor activity to do. When I first read about this I thought “isn’t this in France?” Nope that’s Mont St. Michael not St. Michael’s Mont 😂 although they look very similar and were built for similar reasons!

At low tide you can walk all the way to the Mont, although with the winds and waves I’m pretty sure even at the lowest tide you would’ve gotten wet today. We took a quick picture on the Causeway and found a pub to hang out inside lol

Not a very uneventful day, but we did what we could with the weather circumstances! On our way back, we picked up some steaks for dinner and watched some Netflix for the night!

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  1. Glad you managed to see St.Michaels Mount. We visited last weekend when the weather was quite nice but yesterday afternoon we were at The Lost Gardens of Heligan and it was like a mud bath!

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